Index of HTML 2.0 Tags

This list of tags is alphabetical by the tag code, and each link leads to adescription of the tag and its syntax. The tags listed here are those of HTML 2.0.

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The Comprehensive HTML Cross Reference was created as a service to the Internet community. It represents a joint effort of Scott Williams of CDI Corporate Education Services and Kate Gregory of Gregory Consulting and is fully protected by Copyright © 1995 - 2001. Please report any errors or omissions to Kate Gregory.

  <!-->         Comment

<~&lt> Escape Sequences
<A> Anchor
<ADDRESS> Address
<B> Bold
<BASE> Base
<BLOCKQUOTE> Block Quote
<BODY> Body
<BR> Line Break
<CITE> Citation
<CODE> Code
<DIR> Directory List
<DL> Definition List
<EM> Emphasized
<FORM> Form
<H1> Heading 1
<H2> Heading 2
<H3> Heading 3
<H4> Heading 4
<H5> Heading 5
<H6> Heading 6
<HEAD> Head
<HR> Horizontal Rule
<I> Italic
<IMG> Inline Image
<INPUT> Form Input
<ISINDEX> Is Index
<KBD> Keyboard
<LI> List Item
<LINK> Link
<LISTING> Listing
<MENU> Menu List
<META> Meta
<OBJECT> Object
<OL> Ordered List
<P> Paragraph
<PLAINTEXT> Plain Text
<PRE> Preformatted Text
<SAMP> Sample
<SELECT> Form Select
<STRIKE> Strikethrough
<STRONG> Strong
<TEXTAREA> Form Text Area
<TITLE> Title
<TT> Teletype
<U> Underlined
<UL> Unordered List
<VAR> Variable
<XMP> Example