The Comprehensive HTML Cross Reference

This is a cross-referenced list of HTML tags with an explanation of their use, their syntax and their attributes. As far as possible, each tag and/or attribute is categorised as being part of the HTML 2.0 spec, as part of the HTML 3.2 spec, or as an extension from either Netscape or Microsoft.

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The easiest way to navigate through the cross-reference is by using one of the following indexes:

More information about HTML standards, and how we have categorised each tag and its attributes, is available on our standards and support page.

If you would like a copy of the tag list all in one piece please write to Melissa Price to arrange it. A glossary of common HTML terms is also available.

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The Comprehensive HTML Cross Reference was created as a service to the Internet community. It represents a joint effort of Scott Williams of CDI Corporate Education Services and Kate Gregory of Gregory Consulting and is fully protected by Copyright © 1995 - 2001. Please report any errors or omissions to Kate Gregory.